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Are you starting a nonprofit organization? Are you confused as to what to do next, how to build a high performance board and volunteers, and how to attract sustainable funding to get early traction?

Are you growing a nonprofit and are tired of doing it all and being confused as to how to attract donors and get the right team? Are tired of living in scarcity mode trying to move your nonprofit to the next level?

According to TheNonprofitTimes, More than 45 percent of young nonprofit professionals surveyed recently predicted their next job would not be at a charity. The respondents cited burnout and low pay as the main reasons they would leave. It’s time to change that picture…

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Empowerment Symposium is a one-day intensive workshop for you to learn the skills to stand up or grow your nonprofit, recruit the right board and volunteers, create a winning strategy, and attract donors to support your mission.

Learn how to be the leader to put this all together from Hugh Ballou, who is a 30+ year veteran in building high performing nonprofit organizations of all types.

What you will learn:

  • How to engage board and stakeholders for maximum impact;
  • How to attract funding through comprehensive planning;
  • How to leverage relationships to achieve the organization’s mission and attract donors;
  • How to build multiple teams that actively work to accomplish the organization’s mission;
  • How to not get stuck doing it all…the art of delegation;
  • The nuts and bolts of how to start and grow a sustainable high functioning organization;
  • Other modules addressing the specific issues of the group in attendance.

Next on the schedule:

The SynerVision Leadership Empowerment Symposium were offered in the following locations in 2015:

For information or to inquire about hosting a workshop in your area email Hugh Ballou


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