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Current Issue (#8 – Vol.3 No.3)

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For the first time ever, nonprofit leaders have a leadership magazine dedicated to the needs of the social benefit sectorÖwe are pleased to introduce Nonprofit Performance Magazine, the resource designed specifically for the nonprofit leader. Each quarter this magazine will feature cutting-edge thinking from leaders in the field of leadership, organizational culture, nonprofit management, and special guest features. This magazine extends the work of the SynerVision Leadership Foundation and JMI, Inc., the creator of Professional Performance Magazine since 1989, by focusing on best practices, strategic thinking, and a collaborative mindset in creating a new culture of success for nonprofits. Issue #3 has contributions by more than 25 noted authors including the following topics:

Leadership: Tools and Skills to Build a Strong Culture of Leaders Member/Stakeholder Engagement Funding: How to Attract Funds
Stewardship: Managing Resources of People, Time, Money, etc.
Teambuilding for Teams: Staff, Volunteers, Boards, Committee
The Academic Desk: Current Research Summaries and Resources
The Design Corner: How the Visual Impacts Our Work
More than a Chair: Tools and Systems to Move Beyond Traditional Thinking
Nonprofits that Work: Case Studies of Successful Nonprofits
Planning: Creating a Strategy that Delivers the Vision and Mission

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First Issue (Vol.1 No.1)

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