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We at SynerVision Leadership Foundation are rapping up a year of significant accomplishments. We raised the bar significantly in 2015 & 2016 with the expansion of the Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine, the online “Community for Community Builders” and a series of live Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Workshops and Summits in cities across America.

We need your donation to enable this work.

To stay strong in our work, we need to increase our funding for moving forward with the important work we have begun. Please consider being our partner in fulfilling our vision.

Each dollar that’s donated is multiple by reaching more organizations allow for more connections, more engagement, better leadership and board development and increased ability to attract funding for their programs and services.

Please consider a donation at any level.

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The Excitement is Building! Help Us Help Others!

The stories of nonprofit casualties all start to blend together: lack of funding, failure to develop internal leaders, disengaged boards, uninterested volunteers, misaligned values and strategy. We hear them, and so do you. SynerVision Leadership Foundation believes that it isn’t acceptable to watch social benefit organizations stagnate and fail. We believe that with better training, leadership coaching, increased collaboration, and pooled resources, real social innovation can take place. That is why we exist.

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation is a new organization that draws on the wealth of experience of over 15 highly respected and proven leaders from around the country serving as members of our staff, board of directors, and advisory board. The individuals who fill these various roles bring a wealth of experience in assisting social benefit organizations to flourish through leadership training and coaching, board engagement and training, value alignment directives, on-site consulting, and facilitation of innovation initiatives. We believe that the core of social benefit is collaboration, the reality that together we can accomplish more than we can separately.

We believe that together we can build bigger, encourage deeper, reach wider, and care farther. You want this in your church, nonprofit, charity, or educational institution. We are doing this by building a community for leaders who realize that to have more impact, we is greater than me. At the SynerVision Leadership Foundation, we need your help as we work to build a nationwide collaborative community for social benefit leaders. To do this we are building an active, on-line community (videos, sharing sessions, message boards, facilitated groups, etc.), a platform for in-person encounters (on-site consulting, conferences), and access to a nationwide network of resource development experts (connecting you to contractors and grant-writer networks).

Regardless of the platform we use, we exist to help organizations impact communities. The only way to make this happen is to stand up for change and give back. We need you to join our team today by giving and working to affect change. Help us as we work toward our goals! SynerVision Leadership Foundation welcomes your gifts, corporate sponsorships, and donations as we work to strengthen communities by helping nonprofits and religious organizations make a greater social impact! All contributions are celebrated and are tax deductable!

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“I would like to support the work of SynerVision Foundation” as follows:

  • Make a donation to support the “In Kind” grant program for organizations
  • Help support our ongoing projects
  • Become a corporate sponsor/donor – support the ongoing work of the foundation
  • Donate to the scholarship fund for nonprofit staff and board members to participate in the programs of the SynerVision Leadership Foundation.

Sample Donations:

  • General $25 – for the general fund providing support for general leadership development including Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine and the online “Community for Community Builders” to lower costs.
  • Scholarship Fund $250 – 50/50 scholarships for nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteer leaders to attend the live SynerVision Nonprofit Leadership Summit or SynerVision Nonprofit Leadership Workshop
  • Sustaining $2,500 – for the endowment fund – interest to be used for nonprofit leadership training and capacity building through on-site work, online training, and live seminars and workshops.
  • Sponsor $2,500 – be listed as an event sponsor for the Live SynerVision Leadership Summit. You can also be a sponsor and we will list you on the membership site and to promote your brand,
  • Other ($ any) – any gift to further the ongoing work of the foundation.

Please click on the button below to make your donation. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.


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