Application Process

Organizations will be qualified through our four-part application/vetting process which includes basic information, level of commitment, alignment with SVLF’s values and goals, and a covenant agreement for both parties.

  • Alignment and Viability
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive
  • Journey Preparation

The Solution Mapping process from SynerVision Leadership Foundation is awarded to organizations with a strong vision and an equally strong desire to implement that vision. The process includes working with principle stakeholders of the organization to increase the capacity to plan, lead, implement, and provide sustainable resources for the organization. The SVLF process helps lead organizations to be self-sufficient through the collaborative educational journey that is undertaken.

SVLF organizations are committed to success and understand that they are undertaking an educational and transformative journey.  SVLF provides resources and professional Wayfinder guidance to the journey. However, the organization must be able and willing to take the steps on the journey necessary to grow, learn, embrace, and apply the collective knowledge that is gathered during the process.

The SVLF application process is designed to help the staff and Board of Directors see where you are in your journey and determine if your organization could benefit from the guidance of our Wayfinders and our Solution Mapping process.

The Application can be viewed here:

The SVLF Application Form

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