Guiding the life-changing, life-saving global impact of nonprofit organizations of all types.



Empower nonprofit organizations, including religious and education institutions, to move beyond maintenance thinking to success mentality, such that their mission and impact is greatly magnified. This will be accomplished by transforming the culture by developing leaders, engaging members as stakeholders, and guiding organizations from their existing to their envisioned cultures.

Why SynerVision?

We receive constant media bombardment of societal crises. Recent findings from a University of Missouri study reveal that positive relationships, as well as religious affiliation, can counteract risk factors including substance abuse, violent behavior, anger management and poor self esteem.  It’s evident that churches must become more proactive in addressing these issues because studies also reveal that the lowering of church attendance has coincided with a rise in general immorality.  Additionally, studies disclose that organizations such as nonprofits also play a significant role in addressing community concerns.  Though both churches and nonprofits are known to be effective, many are not equipped with the management skills, leadership, or capacity to address the growing tribulations.

SVLF will provide a pathway of spiritful engagement for organizations seeking transformation; guiding those seeking ways to serve well and respond to the societal ills.

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